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Monday, March 05, 2007

Asia Setting the US Markets up for More Downside Today

Asian markets are down in a big way today. This is how last Tuesday's sell off got started, so we could see a hard slide continue this week. We had hopped for a bit more of a pullback, but more downside appears to be in order before any kind of meaningful pullback starts. Perhaps later this week we will get a better bounce to enter some less aggressive short positions into. Right now, it is going to take some aggressive trading to take advantage of this fast moving market.

Keep order sizes small in order to manage the risk that comes with chasing momentum.

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Anonymous said...

life is great because of shorts from srs:

1. we earn interests everyday in shorts and i wonder if we really need stop losses. bernanke: please increase the rate!
2. srs's shorts are as secure as srs's longs.
3. like the option expirations, there are down actions every month, too.
4. all indices are overbought if we consider the yearly 6% economic development average. (dow should be round 6000 now)
5. dow can give up 500 points in a single day, what a profit! if you are a long player, overnight you lose your last shirt!
1000000. if you are not a profi-seller, be one.