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Monday, November 20, 2006

Holiday Week Tends Towards Bullishness

We have a holiday week this week, so volume should start to thin out on Wednesday and be virtually non-existent on Friday when the market reopens. Nevertheless, last year the market was able to extend its gains during Thanksgiving week, and with the technical picture looking remarkably similar, we would not rule out a continuation of the current rally as we approach the holidays this year as well. We do recommend that everyone start moving more of their money into commodities. Oil has been a dog during the market rally, but is now oversold and firming up nicely. Some of the major oil companies like XOM and WMB have in fact broken out even as the price of oil has been testing its lows. This divergence tells us that the price of oil is likely to make a comeback and disappoint the oil bears who continue to doubt the long term energy trend.

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