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Monday, October 02, 2006

Friday Was Probably Meaningless

On Friday it looked as if institutions had achieved the prices they wished to close the quarter out at for the day was locked in a tight range. Breakouts where confined as sell programs kept a lid on things and then when prices started to roll over, buy programs put in just enough bids to keep prices from moving lower. As such, it's hard for us to make much of Friday's action and suspect that what happens today will be much more meaningful as far as helping us to determine what to expect next. The rising wedges on all three major indices should be the driving force that favors sellers this month. Today we would expect sellers to gain control of the market, but with last week's mixed messages, we are not making any strong predictions here. The most curious aspect of Friday's market was trading at the option's desks. Nearly 10 call options were purchased for every put option on the OEX desk. This is certainly drastically overly bullish, but when you get numbers like this, there could be alternative explanations that are much more benign. We'll just have to wait and see how today plays out.

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